Lightening Media Player

Lightening Media Player is the first media player that automatically locates,
downloads and loads subtitles into any video with just a click of one button.

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Fast as lightening

Our technology team made sure that the application is very well optimized. Lightening Media Player is fast, reliable and always there for you.

Automatic subtitles download

Lightening Media Player chooses the most suitable subtitles for your movies or TV series, according to the version of video you are watching (BluRay, DVDrip etc.) and language you have set in settings, then loads it into the video with just a click of one button.

Progressive interface

Our engineers worked hard to deliver highly intellectual and unique user interface. Beautiful and clean desing combined with progressive, easy to use technology is the outcome.

Lightening Media Player is available on these platforms


Version: 3.0.5


Not available yet


Not available yet


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